The Growing Need for Data Literacy across Higher Education

The Growing Need for Data Literacy across Higher Education

Nov 16, 2023

'The Growing Need for Data Literacy across Higher Education'

In our swiftly evolving digital era, the call for professionals well-versed in data literacy skills is growing exponentially. It's no longer a skill reserved for IT and analytics professionals. From humanities to social sciences, business, and even the arts, data has become a ubiquitous tool, reshaping how knowledge is produced and disseminated. In line with this, it's paramount that modern college classrooms adapt and ensure that students graduate with a sound understanding of how to interpret and utilize data. But how urgent is this need, and what are institutions like Rolai doing to aid this transition?

The Imperative for Data Literacy in Higher Education

A research piece from the Association of College & Research Libraries [1] points out that data literacy has become a foundational skill. In an environment teeming with information, the ability to critically analyze and interpret data is as essential as reading and writing. Northeastern University's Provost Office echoes this, which makes a compelling case for data literacy, emphasizing that in this era, 'we are all data people.' [2]

Rolai's Commitment to Bolstering Data Literacy in Higher Education

Recognizing the significance of this skill set, Rolai has dedicated its resources to supporting higher education in cultivating a data-literate generation.

1. Faculty Development:

Data literacy isn't just about students. Faculty development is crucial as technology continues to evolve and reshape the higher education space. Rolai's focus on faculty development provides educators with training that meets them where they are and helps them integrate data literacy into their curriculum effectively. [3] By doing so, they're not only equipping students with relevant data skills but also fostering an environment of continuous learning.

2. Experiential Learning Initiatives:

Real-world application often reinforces classroom teaching. Through Rolai's industry-sourced projects, institutions can seamlessly deliver hands-on experiences, practical insights, and real-world data projects tailored for a wide array of industries, domains, and skills. These initiatives ensure that students aren't just learning theories, but are applying their data literacy skills to tangible scenarios in tandem. [4]

3. Certification & Micro-Credential Programs:

Certifications are a testament to skill proficiency. With Rolai's certifications and micro-credentials, students and professionals can validate their data literacy capabilities with real-world experience to back their newly developed skills. This not only gives them a competitive edge in the job market but also instills confidence in skills like data handling, interpretation, and more. [5]


Data is often termed the 'new oil.' However, unlike oil, data is infinite. Its potential is boundless, but only if we have the skills to harness it. As the demand for data-literate professionals skyrockets, higher education institutions must rise to the occasion. With companies like Rolai leading the charge, the future of data literacy across higher education looks promising.


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